Friday, July 23, 2010

Partager Routes D'Arabia at the Louvre

The first day or so after a trip back over the BIG pond, I tend to be a bit lazy.  But my mentor and friend, J, wouldn't allow that ... and I am grateful for her energy and determination to  enlighten and broaden herself, and include me on her path.

So, the message was delivered by Mr. T, time and place, and off I went to meet some of J's friends and have a picnic in the beautiful Tuillieries Gardens, a convenient place for our next venture at the Louvre.  But first the picnic!   J, as usual, had cooked up some delicious lentil paté, mushroom paté and  an Italian- twist to some delicious roasted vegetabels (secret ingredient was the capers!).  The day was more than perfect for a picnic under the chestnut trees ... the shade was just enough to shelter us from la chaleur  that has lived in Paris now for the past few weeks.  Two hours, the required lunch time for les françaises, passed quickly as we listened to stories, gossiped a little, and relished each bite of the picnic.  So, now off to our hours of enlightenment at the Louvre.  J is l'amie du Louvre, which means she has a annual pass with perks (... a really good idea that I am going to purchase for myself this year), and in we go thru a "secret passage" for Friends of the Lourvre to see the Routes D'Arabia.  The ancient past of Saudi Arabia is being shown for the first time ever, as it is the first time it has ever left its country.  The show was conceived after the 2004 agreement between the Louvre and the Saudi commission for tourism.  It contains around 320 pieces, which the majority pre-date the the birth of Islam in the 7th century.  It will be shown until September 27, 2010.  

Partager these treasures with a friend or call me! and I will take you there.

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