Saturday, July 31, 2010

Partager Parc Bagatelle

The weekend has arrived once again .. right on time.  The city has cleared out nicely, and it is the month of sharing this beautiful city with les etrangers that keep this city bustling  and beautiful.  I do love the month of August in Paris, although an old friend told me ... "in the old days you would not be seen in Paris in August; you would be too embarrassed to be in the city instead of your country home in the provinces.  If you did not have a country home, so sorry for you, then you  would just pull your blinds down and stay hidden!"   Well, I am glad its not like that today, but it is nice to enjoy the calmness of the city, the long nights that are perfect for walks along the river, the light just right for the perfect romantic photographs near the Square du Vert Galant, and the lights of the city gleaming in your eyes ...Paris, Paris, Paris!  

Here is a nice place to visit  during these long days .. the lovely restaurant at Parc de Bagatelle.
 We spent the afternoon there, and what a delight.  The food was delicious, starting with the plate principal of fresh bass on a cooked just right tomato risotto, followed with fresh strawberries and cream for Mr. T, and for me favorite, the macaroon with caramel ice cream; just a hint of sea salt.  Delicious and so refreshing.  The walk in the park afterwards to take photos of the brightly colored summer wild flowers was a perfect day to Partager!

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