Friday, June 18, 2010

Partager Un Verre!

The corner where Mr. T and I sit, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, is a very special corner.  You can sit here for as long as you want ...  no one tries to shoo you away ... we have chosen our places carefully and they are ours until we are good and ready to go.  The bill  doesn't come our  way until we finally catch the server's eye and wave the universal sign for "l'addition, s'il vous plait."  
We have been sitting at this café for over 10 years now.  They know us;  we know them.    It has changed over the years, but so have we ....  (just a little). Although it did take us awhile to get used to the new chairs, hours of trying them out helped us to learn to love them, too.  The café faces one of the famous buildings in Paris, L'Ecole Militaire, where Napoleon received his military training.   The corner map for the quartier lives here too.  We have watched "the world"  come here to find La Tour Eiffel, only to walk in the wrong direction.  Remember when you are using these very helpful neighborhood maps, usually located right next to the metro stops, that they all face north, remember that and then you will easily find La Grande Dame!

Tomorrow I will be leaving for my bi-annual trip to the states, so my posts may be a bit par hasard but I will try to post from sunny Florida when I can.  Mr. T will have to visit the café alone (c'est dommage) ...  but I'll be back before he knows it! ... So, when you are near the corner café, take a look around for us.  We'll partager un verre!  And, in the meantime ... 
Bon Vacance!

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