Monday, November 14, 2011

Lêche Vitrine

window licking in the 5th arrondissement

Much of my free time, I spend wandering around ... Léche vitrine, or licking windows ... as the french say  so appropriately.  The windows of the small stores in the 5th arrondissement are works of art, sculptures of merchandise, continually changing, vitrine in cours, visions of inspiration ... I could go on ... this vitrine had that special something that caught my eye ... how much is that kitty in the window?

While in Paris, remember to take some time to wander and appreciate the quiet surprises waiting for you.

Aujourd'hui, un nouveau soleil se lève pour moi ; tout, semble-t-il, me parle de ma passion, tout m'invite à la chérir ...
Anne de Lenclos
(just for you Michael)


  1. Here in the UK it is call "window shopping". I love the cat!

  2. Merci! there are plenty of windows here for licking!
    thanks for dropping by,