Saturday, November 26, 2011

Partager the Day at Jardin du Luxembourg

Whenever I need a stroll, I find myself on Bus 82 , heading for the Jardin du Luxembourg.  I find it to be one of the most entertaining, restores my soul, and great photo ops - type of place.  Sunning, strolling, eating, and just plain day-dreaming is what you can enjoy here.  The fountain at the heart of the park is surrounded by those lovely green metal chairs, perfect for watching the clouds go by ... or catching the latest fashions saunter by ... lovers walking arm in arm.  The elegant formal gardens allow you to feel a bit like royalty during your stay.  
I highly recommend the canelle, citron, or chestnut spread crepes ... there are many stands and cafés that you will find on your walk through the garden, while witnessing the serious chess tournaments or bridge games, pony rides, tai-chi, ... just to to name a few activities that are always available for viewing ...    

The bandstand, on the east side of the park, near the large café, usually has music and dancing that I’m often tempted to join in the dancing or the singing ... if I only knew the words, the dancing I could make up ... oh , and I almost forgot ... 
Paris’ oldest museum, The Musee du Luxembourg, is hidden away in a corner of the park.  The museum where I fell deep in love with Lalique.

There is plenty to do for young and old alike, summer or winter, so here’s some of the highlights of the park, not to be missed!
The Medicis Fountain
The Orangerie which houses temporary exhibits
Pony rides and Puppet theaters
Tennis courts
Chess and bridge tournaments 
Location: Place Edmond Rostand, 6th arrondissement
Metro: Odeon or Cluny La Sorbonne (Lines 4, 10)RER: Luxembourg (Line B)Bus: Lines 27, 38, 82, 83, 85, 89

"Place tout ton bonheur dans l'instant"
André Gide


  1. What a beautiful description of one of my favourite places in Paris....I'll be sitting on those French green metal chairs in April drawing and painting. I hope I will be able to capture the 'calm' of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Fantastic info about the bus lines too. Merci beaucoup.

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