Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Partager ma Vue

"Ma Vue"
This is a familiar view for me ... and I will miss it while I am gone.   Luckily , Mr. T can keep a watch for me, just to make sure all is OK across the way.  It is interesting how in days gone by, this closeness would have really annoyed me, this "vis-a-vis"  as it is called, would have been enough to force me to complain loudly that "I have no privacy!"  but, for some reason, here, in this place, I just don't mind. I appreciate it, and I wait to see someone move about over there.  I feel as though I am a small part of something bigger, and I am secure in that feeling.  
Its a lovely vue.  One I will miss, but not forever... 
and, of course, the vues to come will be welcome, too!
Vues to Come in Lovely Florida


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