Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Partager L'Autumn

Champ de Mars
Its happened.  Overnight.  The leaves have tombé sur la terre.  This is always such a beautiful time in Paris.   The walks by the Seine take on another dimension.  The Jardin de Luxembourg becomes a monastery, a place of worship, everyone overcome with the colors that nature has painted on this season's canvas. 
As leaves swirl down to find connection with where they arose, we, too, unknowingly are performing the same ritual.  

This morning, I opened a magazine that I had stowed away for future reference of some sort, and out slipped a red leaf from last fall.  Still perfect, still with its beautiful rich colors.  What a nice reminder of the past year's fall adventures.

Go find your perfect fall leaf and tuck it away .... it will reward you someday.


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