Friday, November 19, 2010

Partager More ... Bourgogne Day 2 Wine Tasting in Irancy

"Miam ... Miam, Quick get him on the phone! "  I said after the first smell ... le nez ... was interesting, complex, yet simple,and le gout  had hints of  blackberries, honey, smokey ... in other words, it was delicious - a 2006 Irancy.  I was not familiar with Irancy, never had I seen it at my local wine shop.  "He will be happy to see  you anytime over the weekend, just give a call before you arrive."  How simple, how nice, how I was looking forward to our trip to Irancy the next day.  The ride was a bit longer than I had thought, and the roads were a bit narrower than was comfortable at times ... tractors tend to own these roads, as they should ...
"You have arrived at your destination", Mme. Navigator informed us.  We stared down over this beautiful valley, sunset just beginning, and marveled at the view in front of us.
Now onto taste some wine!  PPxx

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