Sunday, November 21, 2010

Partager More ...Bourgogne Day 3

Notre- Dame of Semur-en-Auxois, for the children lost in the war

Mr. T promised that if I let him rest on Sunday, we could "run all around"  on Saturday, so of course, I took him up on it.  I had done my homework about the area, and felt that my biggest opportunity for satisfying my curious needs to "search high and low" and "look around every corner"  was in Semur-en-Auxois, just a short drive from our gite in Tivauche.  True enough, the city wasn't far, the weather was perfect and the light was great for photos.  Our first sight of the city forced "AWE", a city that dates back to the 12th century deserves an AWE!  Our first stop was Notre-Dame of Semu-En-Auxois considered a remarkable example of Gothic art, construction began in the 13th century.   Our fingers were hot on the shutter button, and after taking every angle of the church, the gardens, the city, the bridge to the city....etc.  we called it a day ...  what another great day in Bourgogne.
Planning some time in Bourgogne?  Highly recommended!

I, on the other hand, am heading back across the pond for a while, to a place where internet is still a foreign word...posts will be sporadic, but I will check in from time to time.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,

Friday, November 19, 2010

Partager More ... Bourgogne Day 2 Wine Tasting in Irancy

"Miam ... Miam, Quick get him on the phone! "  I said after the first smell ... le nez ... was interesting, complex, yet simple,and le gout  had hints of  blackberries, honey, smokey ... in other words, it was delicious - a 2006 Irancy.  I was not familiar with Irancy, never had I seen it at my local wine shop.  "He will be happy to see  you anytime over the weekend, just give a call before you arrive."  How simple, how nice, how I was looking forward to our trip to Irancy the next day.  The ride was a bit longer than I had thought, and the roads were a bit narrower than was comfortable at times ... tractors tend to own these roads, as they should ...
"You have arrived at your destination", Mme. Navigator informed us.  We stared down over this beautiful valley, sunset just beginning, and marveled at the view in front of us.
Now onto taste some wine!  PPxx

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Partager more ... Bourgogne Wine and Region

We managed to steal away for a few days, Mr. T and me.  Being an avid real estate and holiday homes in France websurfer, I ran across an absolutely fantastic place on the Emerald coast; every window looked out onto the Atlantic.  A couple more steps before I could call it ours for the "pont weekend" ... check the weather and hours in the car.  Short weekend deserves a short drive.   After checking France meteo and the hours in the car, the verdict was clear .... don't go there, save it for another time, I told myself sadly ....  So, the search was on again, and I found an even better place; a place to appreciate the stunning colors of fall.  The time for the leaves to unite and really show off,  ... what better leaves to admire, but the leaves of the vines of my favorite wines!  Head to Bourgogne, the Cote d'Or!   Searching a bit more, I found a place in the northern part, a bit south of Auxerre, a little east of Avallon.  Checking our criteria for renting a place:  fireplace, view, bathtub, .... this place filled them all!  Jackpot!  Now we had never really stayed in a "hamlet", and were a bit concerned about the "character"  of the inhabitants, the acceptable activities, and what to do with nothing to do ... we thought.   But now was our chance, the hamlet of Tivauche.    
With the excitement of getting away, I forgot that it was a "fete"  in France, thus all would be closed ...  so our smiles turned upside down as we drove along seeing everything closed up tight ... no baguette, no petit supermarche, no wine, no nothing ... so, with a determination to make it thru the evening on 2 apples and a half bottle of wine, few chips and half a sandwich I didn't eat at lunch, we arrived at Tivauche.  The owners, Bill and Jenny,  welcomed us, let us in ... and sheepishly we asked about any stores open nearby .... ?  With a wide smile and shining eyes, they said follow us... In 10 minutes we were loaded down with homemade bread, pasta, ratatouille, cereal, goat's milk, and TWO bottles of wine from Irancy (which leads to another story...)  A warmer welcome I have never had before ....
One of the criteria ... 
Our first night in Tivauche ... to be continued...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Partager ma Vue

"Ma Vue"
This is a familiar view for me ... and I will miss it while I am gone.   Luckily , Mr. T can keep a watch for me, just to make sure all is OK across the way.  It is interesting how in days gone by, this closeness would have really annoyed me, this "vis-a-vis"  as it is called, would have been enough to force me to complain loudly that "I have no privacy!"  but, for some reason, here, in this place, I just don't mind. I appreciate it, and I wait to see someone move about over there.  I feel as though I am a small part of something bigger, and I am secure in that feeling.  
Its a lovely vue.  One I will miss, but not forever... 
and, of course, the vues to come will be welcome, too!
Vues to Come in Lovely Florida


Friday, November 5, 2010

Partager les Fleurs

Ornamental Cabbage
The cooler days have changed the looks of the les fleurs at the florists on rue Cler.  We have the cyclamens, decorative cabbages, the end of the hortensias, the red berries, and a lot of brightly colored foliage to add to your bouquets.
The weekend has also rolled around once again, so keep these flowers in mind if you have been lucky enough to have received a dinner invitation for the weekend.  As invited guests, or les invites, the french are accustomed to arriving  with a bon cadeau of chocolates or flowers.  I really like this tradition, don't you?

Bon weekend!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Partager L'Autumn

Champ de Mars
Its happened.  Overnight.  The leaves have tombĂ© sur la terre.  This is always such a beautiful time in Paris.   The walks by the Seine take on another dimension.  The Jardin de Luxembourg becomes a monastery, a place of worship, everyone overcome with the colors that nature has painted on this season's canvas. 
As leaves swirl down to find connection with where they arose, we, too, unknowingly are performing the same ritual.  

This morning, I opened a magazine that I had stowed away for future reference of some sort, and out slipped a red leaf from last fall.  Still perfect, still with its beautiful rich colors.  What a nice reminder of the past year's fall adventures.

Go find your perfect fall leaf and tuck it away .... it will reward you someday.